Who is New Porch Home Buyers?

New Porch Home Buyers is a different, faster, and smarter way to approach selling your house. As a direct home buyer, we can offer you more control and flexibility as well as a better overall value when you’re in the market to sell your most valuable investment—your home! Whether you want to sell your house in a couple of months or now, New Porch Home Buyers is your buyer.

Why would I want to use New Porch Home Buyers?

New Porch Home Buyers is dedicated to taking out the confusion and anxiety often associated with selling your home through the usual real estate sales process. Instead, as a direct home buyer, we can help you:

  • Receive a timely and fair market value offer for your house
  • Offer you the best deal your home so you can consider it sold right away
  • Sell your home fast especially if your situation warrants like moving for a job, property you’ve inherited, divorce situation, repairs needed, etc.
  • Get fair and transparent guidance from us, A to Z, from our first discussion to your purchase payout check
What areas does New Porch Home Buyers cover?

We are interested in purchasing houses in the Knoxville, specifically:

  • Alcoa
  • Clinton
  • Corryton
  • Cosby

We staff and serve these areas where can offer top-notch expertise in all aspects of direct home buying to you, the home-seller. This means we look at quality properties, make you the best offer possible, and provide unmatched customer service.

What kinds of houses is New Porch Home looking for?

We are interested in buying all kinds of houses regardless of condition or situation. Contact us if your property falls under the below conditions:

  • Homes need to be located in a region New Porch Home Buyers covers (see above).
  • You must prove your undeniable ownership of the home.
  • Home must be $600,000 or less in valuation.
  • Residential properties such as single family homes, townhouses, and condominiums (multifamily and commercial properties are purchased on a case by case basis).
  • Any outstanding leasing agreements must be terminated at closing unless otherwise specified.
When am I expected to move out once we've closed?

We expect you to move out prior to closing. Please consult with the property purchasing professional assigned to you to see if you if you need time to move after the closing. New Porch Home Buyers reserves the right to keep a deposit we will immediately release once you have fully vacated the property.

Will I need a listing agent when I work with New Porch Home Buyers? What if I already have one?

New Porch Home Buyers DOES NOT require or suggest that you list your house with a Realtor! If you already have a real estate listing agent – Do not worry! We will work with your agent as required by your pre-existing contract and make an offer for your home through them. Please note, however, that a commission on the sale will be charged and paid to your Realtor. This will be deducted from the Net earnings after closing. You will need to consult prior real estate agreement to verify the actual amounts. We request you inform New Porch Home of this status when you initially contact us either by the form at the bottom of the FAQs. Please also provide us with your listing agent’s full information so we can contact them directly on your behalf.

What happens to my house once I leave?

Once you leave, we will begin getting it ready with any fixes and overhauls needed to get it into public-viewing state. We will then list it for sale.

How do you protect my privacy?

New Porch Home Buyers uses pre-approved, proprietary software like DocuSign for our document signing requirements. Meanwhile, we use a certified title company and lawyers to handle paperwork and payments. This ensures we keep all your information, financial activities, and payments safe and secure. Maintaining your privacy throughout your dealings with us is our guarantee!